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Today’s the big day~~~~

After almost two years, NEWS finally released their fourth album today! Yay!! Let’s hope they reach #1 on the Oricon for their first week! *prays*




Seven years…only three more and they’ll be hitting a decade! Even though I wasn’t a fan during their debut (I mean, come on, it was 2003, I was only 9 and hardly used the computer unlike now!), I’ve been a big fan of them for at least a year and a half and I love, love, LOOOOVE them! I own all their albums so far (I shall buy LIVE once I get the chance~), their photobook of their pacific tour, a NEWS and a Kei-chan uchiwa, and three posters from the JE magazines (e.g. Myojo, Wink-Up, Duet, etc)! I really do love them! <3

In honor of their anniversary today, I decided to fill out a 100Q about them!

Ready? GO!!

Warm Up

1. That you’re doing this, we can assume you like NEWS at least some. Would you consider them your favorite Johnny’s Entertainment group?

2. Can you name all 6 current members?
Yamashita Tomohisa, Koyama Keiichiro, Nishikido Ryo, Masuda Takahisa, Kato Shigeaki, Tegoshi Yuya

3. What about the 2 not currently around?
Uchi Hiroki, Kusano Hironori
4. Ninth who left a long time ago?
Moriuchi Takahiro (now known as the vocalist of ONE OK ROCK “TAKA”)

5. How did you learn about NEWS?
Someone I knew kept talking about them so I searched them up on YouTube and became to love them. <3

6. What was your first impression of NEWS?
I don’t remember… ^^;;

7. How did you come to like NEWS?
Uhh…doesn’t this kinda go with question 5? O_O;;

8. What do you think is NEWS strongest point when compared to other JE/music/talent groups?
All of them seem really close. <3

9. What do you think is NEWS weakest point when compared to other JE/music/talent groups?
None in particular. ;D

10. Are you listening to them right now?
Nah, not in the mood. If I did, I think would be too distracted to complete this, lol. xDDD

Music Related

11. Do you enjoy NEWS’ music?
Of course! <3

12. What are your 5 favorite NEWS songs? (Released on CD or not)

1. Forever
2. Cherish

3. Koi no ABO



13. What’s your all time favorite solo song?
I dunno…but I like Ryo-chan and Shige’s solo songs the best~ :3

14. What music genre do you consider NEWS?

15. What Japanese song would you love to hear NEWS do a cover of?
This a pretty tricky choice…I guess uhh…”Rakuen Baby” by RIP SLYME…?

16. What Non-Japanese song would you love to hear NEWS do a cover of?

Yet again another tricky choice…but I guess…”Cousins” by Vampire Weekend just for the hell of it! Lol. xDDD
17. Do you enjoy songs with all members or smaller groups better?
Either or~ ;D

18. Can you sing all the lyrics to one or more of their songs?
I think so…

19. NEWS Nippon or Kibou~Yell~? (First single vs Debut single)
Kibou ~Yell~!! (Put your hands up in the air, put your hands up, in the air~)

Favorite Related

20. Who’s your favorite member?
Kei-chan!!!! <3 <3 <3

21. Who’s your least favorite member?
I really love them all but if I had to say one then…Ryo-chan… ;_;

22. Is there a member you could really do without?
NO!!!! >_<;;

23. Your favorite relationship between members (as friendship or more)?
Koyashige, Tegomass, Koyatego <3

24. Who has the best fashion sense?
I believe all of them do~ :D

25. Who normally has the best hairstyles?

26. Who’s singing voice is your favorite?
Obviously Tegoshi, lol. xDDD

27. Speaking voice?
Ryo-chan. The husky tone he has kinda turns me on, lol. x3
28. What’s your favorite NEWS group magazine shoot picture?
Dammit! I hate these choice questions!! But if I had to choose one then this:

29. Solo picture?
Ugh…again…? D:

30. Favorite shop photo?
Dear Choice Questions, DIE NOW!!! D<

31. Favorite CD cover?

32. Favorite DVD?
NEWS LIVE DIAMOND. But the cover art is extreme fail! D:

Member Related

33. If the members had become teachers, what do you think each would teach?

Yamapi: English

Koyama: History
Ryo: Science

Massu: Gym

Tegoshi: Music
Shige: Art

34. Who seems most likely to show a different side of themselves on Christmas Eve?
I dunno…maybe Massu…? :/
35. If NEWS rangers were created, what colors? Don’t associate them with Kanjani8, just give them colors.

Yamapi: Red
Koyama: Purple

Shige: Green

Ryo: Blue

Massu: Yellow

Tegoshi: Pink

(They already look fantastic in their member colors so I can’t properly choose… D:

36. Please make NEWS into the ideal family.

Husband: Yamapi

Wife: Kei-chan

Oldest son: Ryo-chan

Second son: Shige

Third son: Tegoshi

Pet: Massu

37. NEWS are hosts at a host club you’ve never been in before. Who would you pick after just walking in?
Definitely Kei-chan~ x3

38. What kind of costume would you like to see them wear at a concert that they haven’t already done?
Maid outfits!! Or animal costumes~ :3

39. How would you like to be related to NEWS?

Husband: Kei-chan

Boyfriend: Yamapi
Best friend: Massu

Neighbor: Ryo-chan
Relative: Tegoshi

Older brother: Shige

40. Assign an animal to each member.

Yamapi: Panda

Koyama: House cat

Ryo: Panther

Shige: Rabbit

Tegoshi: Monkey

Massu: Otter

41. Which NEWS member reminds you most of one of your own family members?
Yamapi’s probably kinda like my brother since they both have random funny moments~

42. Who seems most likely to dress up on Halloween and/or do cosplay?
Massu, he does it everyday with that fashion! xDDD

43. Who do you think you could pass by on the street without noticing?
Probably Shige~

44. Who do you think has pulled the most all nighters?
Ryo-chan, definitely.
45. Which member would you want as a boss and why?
Shige because he’s nice if you get on his good side but knows how to take the responsibility of leadership~

46. Who would it be most awkward to catch in the erotic section of a video rental store?
Tegoshi~ xDDD

Drama/TV Related

47. Do you watch the dramas containing NEWS members?
Yuuuuuup. :3

48. Do you watch dramas that DON’T contain NEWS members?
49. Have you seen all the dramas they’ve starred in?
I don’t think so…

50. What was the first Yamapi drama you saw?

Nobuta wo Produce
51. Do you wait for subtitles to watch a drama with NEWS members?
Most of the time~

52. Excluding Yamapi, which member of NEWS do you think has the best acting?
Umm…Massu! <3

53. Excluding Yamapi, who’s acting do you enjoy the most?
All of them~ :3

54. Is there a story you’d like to see made into a drama with one or more NEWS member?
Probably an anime/manga-based one~

55. Is there a certain type of role you’d like to see one of them play?
One of them is half-Japanese half-American and speaks English from time to time. I wanna hear who the best in English pronunciation is! :D

56. Do you watch Shounen Club?

57. Is your main reason for watching Shounen Club NEWS as guests or Koyama as host?
Guilty as charged! x3

58. Have you seen Yamapi and/or Tegoshi’s episodes on Shounen Club Premium?
Saw all six of them! ;3

59. Have you seen any other Shounen Club Premium episodes?
A few KAT-TUN ones, I think~

60. Did you regularly watch Ya-Ya-yah!’s TV show?
Yup! Yay for Ya-Ya-yah!! ^-^

61. Have you watched many/most of the older episodes?
62. Did you try watching Hi!Hey!Say! to see Koyama host?
One full episode and a few clips~

63. Do you regularly watch Japanese music shows (Such as Music Fandom Related)?
Music Station, Music Fighter, HEY!x3, Utaban, Domoto Kyoudai, etc…

64. Do you scan magazines?

65. Do you write fanfiction?
Yup. I haven’t wrote something in a while though… ;_;

66. Do you read fanfiction?
All the time!!

67. Do you draw fanart?

68. Do you enjoy fanart?
Love it! <3

69. Do you make image manipulations?

70. Do you talk too much about NEWS?
I used to in the beginning but I think it’s calmed down a lot since then. But there are sometimes where I’ll blab on them for hours, lol. :P

71. Do you download pretty much everything that comes out?
Music-wise? Then, yes. Just not the albums, those I buy. <3

72. Do you upload for others?
Nope~ :/

73. Do you make music/fan made videos?
74. Do you watch fanmade music/fan videos?

75. Do you watch fancams?

76. Do you do translations?
I’m pro-fluent to understand it when I read the actual magazine, but I don’t really like to translate them for sharing on websites…

77. Do you read translations?

78. Do you follow their J-Webs?
Yup. But it’s mostly Kei-chan’s and Shige’s~

79. Do you follow the rest of JE, or at least some of it?
Yeah, but it’s mostly KAT-TUN, Arashi and some SMAP~

80. Do you follow other Japanese musical groups?
Morning Musume, Otsuka Ai, Perfume, Superfly, etc…

81. Have you converted other people into NEWS fans?

Two and I’m about to convert one more very soon~

82. Do your friends/family not interested in the group know about them?
My mom sort of does…she’s familiar to the melody of “Love Addiction”, lol. xDDD
Merchandise Related

83. Do you own any NEWS CDs?
touch, pacific, color, Koi no ABO, and Sakura Girl

84. Do you own any DVDs?

85. Do you own any magazines?
A few~

86. Do you own any concert goods?

87. Do you own any shop photos?

88. Have any posters on your wall?
Three on my closet door~

89. Any other special/not-above-mentioned items?
Their concert book for the pacific tour~

90. If you could have any NEWS item given to you magically as a gift, what would it be?
Themselves, lol. xDDD

Final Part is Always Hardest

91. So, are Uchi and Kusano coming back?
Unfortunately, no. ;_;

92. Do you want them back, why or why not?
It’d be nice if they did come back because I’d like to see what it would be like to have 8-member NEWS again~

93. NEWS members having girlfriends. How do you feel?
I’d give them my blessing as long as their happy~ <3

94. If you could meet and chat with just one of the members once in your life, who?
Kei-chan! <3

95. Can you write the kanji for all member names?

96. What do you think of Ryo being in both Kanjani∞ and NEWS?
It must be hard for him working twice as much… ;_;

97. NEWS loses another member. Who is it, and why?

98. Do you use the word “tabai”?
From time to time~

99. After this, one more question. You have to bring back one of the three lost members to NEWS. Who is it?
Uchi because he’s a riot~ xDDD

100. Anything you want to say?

Dearest NEWS,

Please stay super awesome forever and ever and EVER!! <3 <3 <3


Me and a bunch of other fangirls that also think of this. :D

And now, I’m off to watch all of their PVs (from “NEWS Nippon” to “Sakura Girl”) in honor of their awesomeness.

Goodbye. :3


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