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Testing. Testing, 1, 2, 3…

I had to study for the PSAT exams which I have to take October 16th. PSAT, or Practice SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), are practice exams in the U.S. high school sophomores take in October to see their levels in Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing so they can prepare for the SAT exam in March when they’re juniors. I know what you’re thinking, “Why are you talking about this now? Aren’t you a junior already?” Well, there’s kind of a story behind that for me…

I didn’t know anything about the PSAT last year so when my friends kept saying, “Ugh, I gotta take the PSATs  this weekend.”, I was confused and had no idea about the PSATs. A few weeks pass and my mom gets a phone call from our school’s Child Study Team furious that I didn’t take them! The thing is, my mom didn’t want me to take them in sophomore year so my PSAT examination was postponed until junior year. I think she did this because there wasn’t really a reason to take them so early.

But I’m not alone. Many students do the same thing too. The booklets in the picture above are student guides to the PSAT which I did this morning. It short-circuits your brain easily but I think it’s pretty worth it because junior year is just nothing but exams, exams, exams.

In March I have to take the real SATs and then HSPA (High School Proficiency Assessment). HSPA is pretty much the same as the SATs but HSPA is required for high school students in New Jersey to take so we can graduate. If a student passes, they can graduate. If not, they’ll have to take it again next year as a senior. Hopefully I’ll have higher chances of passing because I’m taking a HSPA class in school this year. It’s super boring, but it’s definitely gonna help no matter what.

Next topic.

I got a manicure today!! I got a sky blue color since I don’t really try on blue nail polish…despite the fact I have blue eyes, lol! *shot* xDDD

It’s been a while since I posted a picture of myself, hasn’t it? Well, that’s me today~ ;3

Oh yeah! NEWS is releasing a new single on November 3rd (on Ryo-chan’s 26th birthday~) called “Fighting Man”!!! Awesome! I’m amazed how active NEWS is this year! It really warms my heart that they’re also doing well with their concert tour right now!

Here’s the tracklist:

Limited Edition Tracklist

  1. Fighting Man
  2. Gamushara Cha Cha Cha
  3. Wake Up
  4. Fighting Man (Original Karaoke)
Regular Edition Tracklist
  1. Fighting Man
  2. Gamushara Cha Cha Cha
  3. Winter Moon
  4. Ai wa Simple na Curry Rice

I have a feeling “Fighting Man” is gonna be the theme song for Yamapi’s live-action film for “Ashita no Joe”~

But, I’m really curious about “Ai wa Simple na Curry Rice”. Are they trying to spin-off of “Miso Soup” and/or “Pasta by Tegomass? Or maybe even parodizing “Odore! Morning Curry” by Morning Musume? Well, whatever it may be, I shall wait patiently for it to arrive on the CD shelves in Mitsuwa Marketplace’s Sanseido Bookstore or Kinokuniya Shoten~

*sigh* Such a soothing picture of a handsome prince… <3 <3 <3

SEE YOUZ~~~~~~~!!


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