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So, I went back into the city and American Idiot again! BUT!! I also got to see Billie Joe Armstrong, the front man of Green Day, play the role of St. Jimmy!!!! :D :D :D

This is the original actor who plays St. Jimmy, Tony Vincent. He’s awesome. But Billie was WAY more awesomer!! x3

My mom and I had balcony seats, row H. In other words, the third and highest level and last row in the back. It may sound like a sucky view, but it’s pretty cool since it’s a bird eye’s view.

Onto the show!

Before Billie came on for the song “St. Jimmy”, I heard [faint] yelling backstage (which was him probably trying to hype himself up). I poked my mom and whispered, “I think that’s Billie! I hear him!”. And then…

“Coming at you on the count of 1! 2! 1, 2, 3, 4!!

*cue screams of the fans*

The whole theater went nuts even me. I screamed, I cheered, I clapped, I panicked, and lemme tell ya something, I was happy as fuck (sorry for cursing but, I’m just mega happy right now~). I had a spazz attack the whole song. I couldn’t contain my excitement! ^______________________^

What really captured my heart the most was the beginning of “Give Me Novocaine”. When Johnny sat next to Billie on the mattress, Billie yelled, “OH BABY, OH BABY, IIIIIIIT’S FUCK TIME!!”, and left the stage. I squealed. That was freakin’ hilarious!! xDDD

Oh, and he took off his shirt!!! *fangirl squeal* He looked even hotter!!!!!! <3

And then, around the end of “Whatsername”, mom and I rushed downstairs so we can go outside to get a good spot for autographs outside the stairs. But, before we headed for the exit, we crashed the orchestra section and saw Billie even CLOSER playing “Good Riddance” with the cast!!! :D :D :D

And there he is! That’s Billie in the white jacket and black shirt!! <3 I was SOOOOO happy to see him even closer! He was EXTREMELY amazing!!

Anyway, back to reality. We went outside to get autographs but…many people were already there so we had to squeeze in the back. I got a few autographs from the ensemble members. But when Billie came out, I didn’t get a picture with him, an autograph from him, or a picture of him since there was too many people blocking. I kept screaming, “BILLIE!!!”, like crazy but I didn’t see him. Ah, well. At least I saw him on stage, performing at his finest! <3

So that ends my perfect day. I’m really grateful for this day to happen. Mama, thanks for getting the tickets! It was EXTREMELY worth it!! <3 <3 <3

Oh, and since I was in the city today, I got to go to Kinokuniya Bookstore and I bought this! Since Kei-chan is gonna be in a new play, “0 Goushitsu no Kyaku ~Kaettekita Otoko~, he was featured on the cover of “Best Stage” so, I bought it! :3

And inside the magazine was…this!

A promotional poster of Kei-chan!! It’s now posted on my closet door of many NEWS-related posters. Oh, what a happy fangirl I am! <3 <3 <3



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