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Have I the right to fangirl once more? :D

Yes, I think I do. >:3

So, my mom’s 50th birthday was a month ago and one of her presents was mezzanine tickets to see American Idiot on January 8th (last night). Now you might be thinking, “Wait, you’re for a third time? I thought you were done after seeing Billie back in October…”


He’s BACK!! Yes! Billie Joe Armstrong is back on Broadway for 50 performances from January 1-9, January 18-30, and February 10-27! Fans who are still trying to purchase tickets, I think you still have time to get decent tickets for a February show~ ;D

So, the difference between the balcony and the mezzanine, the mezzanine was a PERFECT view! Yeah, I bet orchestra is even awesomer but the mezzanine is just PERFECT!!

Pretty much all the same things happened  but at a better view. I laughed, squealed, cheered, and cried. Billie is just the best punk rocker EVER! Oh, and the funniest part, when the number “St. Jimmy” ended, Billie jumped into the audience and stole someone’s booze, lol!! xDDD

The full cast during “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”. Yeah, I know the picture is sort of shoddy but it gets better~ ;D

Billie in all of his glory. Oh, and guess what? He mentioned we were at the 300th show!! :DDDDDDDDDDD

Evil Billie. Muahahahahahahaha. >:3

My mom praised me for getting this shot at a perfect timing so I feel very proud of myself. xDDD

And that was it.

We didn’t want to get autographs for various reasons. One, it’s Saturday so more fans around my age would of been there. Two, it was too crowded near the barricades. Three, it was nighttime and it was freakishly cold.

But my mom and I waited on the other side of the street with some other fans just to look from afar. I only got to see a glimpse of his hair but, ah well. I still had much more fun when I saw him on stage. :3


And that’s how I spent one of the most best nights of my life. <3

Someday, I wanna be a punk rocker just like Billie…


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