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So, I went back into the city and American Idiot again! BUT!! I also got to see Billie Joe Armstrong, the front man of Green Day, play the role of St. Jimmy!!!! :D :D :D

This is the original actor who plays St. Jimmy, Tony Vincent. He’s awesome. But Billie was WAY more awesomer!! x3

My mom and I had balcony seats, row H. In other words, the third and highest level and last row in the back. It may sound like a sucky view, but it’s pretty cool since it’s a bird eye’s view.

Onto the show!

Before Billie came on for the song “St. Jimmy”, I heard [faint] yelling backstage (which was him probably trying to hype himself up). I poked my mom and whispered, “I think that’s Billie! I hear him!”. And then…

“Coming at you on the count of 1! 2! 1, 2, 3, 4!!

*cue screams of the fans*

The whole theater went nuts even me. I screamed, I cheered, I clapped, I panicked, and lemme tell ya something, I was happy as fuck (sorry for cursing but, I’m just mega happy right now~). I had a spazz attack the whole song. I couldn’t contain my excitement! ^______________________^

What really captured my heart the most was the beginning of “Give Me Novocaine”. When Johnny sat next to Billie on the mattress, Billie yelled, “OH BABY, OH BABY, IIIIIIIT’S FUCK TIME!!”, and left the stage. I squealed. That was freakin’ hilarious!! xDDD

Oh, and he took off his shirt!!! *fangirl squeal* He looked even hotter!!!!!! <3

And then, around the end of “Whatsername”, mom and I rushed downstairs so we can go outside to get a good spot for autographs outside the stairs. But, before we headed for the exit, we crashed the orchestra section and saw Billie even CLOSER playing “Good Riddance” with the cast!!! :D :D :D

And there he is! That’s Billie in the white jacket and black shirt!! <3 I was SOOOOO happy to see him even closer! He was EXTREMELY amazing!!

Anyway, back to reality. We went outside to get autographs but…many people were already there so we had to squeeze in the back. I got a few autographs from the ensemble members. But when Billie came out, I didn’t get a picture with him, an autograph from him, or a picture of him since there was too many people blocking. I kept screaming, “BILLIE!!!”, like crazy but I didn’t see him. Ah, well. At least I saw him on stage, performing at his finest! <3

So that ends my perfect day. I’m really grateful for this day to happen. Mama, thanks for getting the tickets! It was EXTREMELY worth it!! <3 <3 <3

Oh, and since I was in the city today, I got to go to Kinokuniya Bookstore and I bought this! Since Kei-chan is gonna be in a new play, “0 Goushitsu no Kyaku ~Kaettekita Otoko~, he was featured on the cover of “Best Stage” so, I bought it! :3

And inside the magazine was…this!

A promotional poster of Kei-chan!! It’s now posted on my closet door of many NEWS-related posters. Oh, what a happy fangirl I am! <3 <3 <3




I just got home from school and received this in the mail. It’s a pop-up card from my host sister Kae! She wrote:

Dear Haley,

Hi. How are you? It’s too hot in Japan. This letter is “Shochuu Omimai” in Japan. Do you work a part-time job now? Have a nice summer vacation!

Your Friend,



I’ll send you your photo next letter.

;_____________________________; OMG THAT WAS SOOOOO SWEET OF HER!!! <3 <3 <3

I really miss her. In just a short amount of time we became soooo close like real sisters when we met and now we’re separated. I wanna see her now. *sighs*


I can’t wait! I hope Kae comes, too! I wanna show her the best experience here in the United States, EVER! <3

Oh, by the way, I have more exciting news! Remember in early June I saw Green Day’s American Idiot? Well…I’M SEEING IT AGAIN TOMORROW!! But here’s the catch, Tony Vincent (the actor of St. Jimmy) is on temporary hiatus this week. And his replacement was…Billie Joe Armstrong!! *megasqueal*

Omg, I’m sooooo excited to see my favorite singer in the world play my most favorite character in the show!! Twice the excitement! I’ll definitely make a post about that either tomorrow or Sunday!

Just you wait for it!! ;D

Koyaslut, lol. What a tease he is! xDDD


Words can definitely not explain the most awesome 90-minute moment I experienced today.

I SAW GREEN DAY’S AMERICAN IDIOT!!! *megasqueal* It was SUPER-DUPER amazing!!!!!!!!

Okay, so before the show I met up with my friend Sarah (who I saw the show with) and she treated me to lunch at Kodama Sushi (since I paid tickets [well, my aunt got them so, it was kinda on me since I invited her]).

The place and the food wasn’t too shabby. I had some shrimp tempura and Sarah got this mega-sized bento box, lol. Oh and when we were in there, we heard Buono’s “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”, KAT-TUN’s “DON’T U EVER STOP”, and MilkyWay’s “Anataboshi” on the stereo. It was really awkward but we laughed anyway! xDDD

After lunch we had some time before the show to shop a bit and I needed to get presents for the host family I’m going to stay with in Okayama for my Japan trip so I bought NY goods, coasters, postcards, and other stuff, and then I found these (for myself):

Band buttons!! <3

I got Green Day, Rolling Stones, Ramones, and Nirvana. I think collecting buttons is my new hobby, lol. xDDD

And now, THE SHOW. :D :D :D

Fail picture of the set, I should of took a better one earlier. xP Ah well, I’m still positive! :3


The whole time I was smiling ear to ear. During the whole time I was either, smiling wide, dropping my jaw, and/or my stomach was doing a zillion backflips and twists. It was a total thrill! It’s a show that’s totally in your face and the effects literally stab you in the eyes! >DDD

Before seeing the show, I was really looking forward to seeing St. Jimmy (both the character and the song). It’s my favorite song on the American Idiot album. Once it started playing, I was thinking, “St. Jimmy!! Where the f*ck is he!?”. And then, the moment the cast shouted, “1, 2, 3, 4!”, St. Jimmy appears in the living flesh. My mouth was totally wide-open whenever he came on. He was extremely good!!!!!!!!! x3

My eyes were totally glassy at the end. I really enjoyed the show!!

After the show, it was autograph time!!

I got autographs from the guys who played Will, Tunny, and two ensemble members. I got a picture with Will and Tunny (unfortunately, I can’t show the pictures because was in them with me and I don’t want to reveal my friend’s identity)! Will and Tunny were my favorites! But Will was a bit sweeter~ :3

And guess what? Before one of the ensemble members left to leave, he was like, “Who wants my pen? I don’t need it anymore!”, so I raised my hand and went “ME!!” (I was *right* in front of him) and he gave me his pen!! Wheeeeee~!!!!!

The silver Sharpie is the pen he gave me! It might be just a normal pen but I’ll treasure it forever!! <3 <3 <3

Green Day’s American Idiot, truly an epic show I shall never forget! <3