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Lots of stuff happened recently, but I’d like to dedicate the first half of this entry to a lovable trio who created a milestone today.

Morning Musume’s Junjun, Linlin, and Kamei Eri…today was their graduation concert. *sigh*

I’m so upset these three are leaving. I love the pandas and Eri is my favorite 6th Gen. member! I understand why Eri has to leave but I think Tsunku made a terrible mistake on graduating the pandas also. JunLin got such a small spotlight in MoMusu and they’ve definitely caught the hearts of many fans in just 3 short years! I’ve known about MoMusu since JunLin’s debut so the two of them are very special members to me. And Eri…oh Eri, I love her so. She’s bright, pretty, dorky, has a beautiful voice, and not to mention great dancing skills! It’s gonna take a while for me to adjust without out them.

Farewell, Junjun, Linlin, and Kamei Eri. You will all be truly missed… <3

The 9th Gen. better be good because I’m kind of losing my faith in MoMusu these days. Tsunku, you better give me good fresh meat or else you’ll have angry fans…you stupid shithead. ):<

Anyway, before I get more upset/pissed, topic change! It’s SOOOOO cold these days!! I went out for gym today and when it ended I couldn’t feel my face or my fingers! Stupid cold weather… >_<;;

Alas, I warmed my heart with singing…

When in doubt, just cheer up with music, ne? :3

Only 10 more days ’till Christmas! Whoo!! :DDDDDDDDD

All I want for Christmas is Kei-chan~ ♥

Let’s keep counting those days ’till the holiday season comes!! ♪


Midterm Status Reports: Day 1

Just got back home from first day of midterms. I think everything went pretty well. :3

U.S. History was okay so I’m guessing I got at least an 80. As for Japanese, it was cinch! High 90, no doubt about that! x3

Tomorrow’s English in the morning and Science in the afternoon. Hope it goes well!


Today once again, ANOTHER awesome birthday was celebrated~


Yaguchi Mari!!

She turned 27 today, yaaaaaay!!

Omedetou, my beloved Yagu-chan!! v(^o^)v

Yagu-chan, your sexy yet adorkable chibi power shall last FOREVER!! :3

And, that’s it for today. Now it’s time for my sexy Kei-chan to appear! Douzo!

Hmm, very sexy indeed!

When I get older, get married and look back at this, I know I’ll be definitely thinking, “Oh yeah, I remember I was extremely obsessed with him back then. Wow, pretty embarrassing.”

See ya tomorrow! ;D


Another tiring day.

Hey, is there anyone besides me that had to go to school on Monday? ‘Cause all my non-school friends got the day off! I wanna kick their asses so bad! >_<;;

Had my Driver’s Ed State Exam today. I gotta get an 80 or higher to make the grade so I can get my permit. Bleh. I think I did okay. I’m getting the results Friday, the first day of the third marking period. And that’s the day I start Health class, too. Yay? O_O;;

Besides that, the rest of this week, starting tomorrow, is gonna be pretty hectic.

That’s because of…


(It’s kinda blurry so you may not be able to read it. Sorry. -_-;;)

First up is U.S. History and Japanese.

Luckily exams don’t start until 9:25. History in the morning until 11, then lunch until 11:55, then Japanese until 1:30, and then we get to go home.

Well, at least we get to go home early, that’s a good sign.

Thursday: English (Morning), Science (Afternoon)

Friday: Algebra/Geometry (Morning), Regular Day shortened (Afternoon)

Yeah, for some odd reason the school staff are being assholes and making us go to classes on Friday after the Al/Geo exam. Poo.

Blargh. Me + Studying = Not a pretty mix.

Well, I’ll do my best studying for History. Japanese I won’t ’cause it’s gonna be a cinch~ x3

Since I get home early from exams, I’ll update my blog those days with “Midterm Status Reports” ’cause I’m that nice! ;D

Look forward to it!

It’s January 19th and today’s a double-whammy for birthdays!! :D

First up…

Ishikawa Rika turns 25!


She’s so pretty! :3

Iyaa, Rika-chan’s amazing, ne?

The power of Charmy Ishikawa shall last forever! v(^o^)v

Next up is a personal favorite of mine~~~~

Yamamoto Yusuke turns 22!

Yusuke-kun, my darling!!

I don’t really talk about him that much, do I? I should!! xDDD;;


Help!! There’s another victim in need of rescue! xDDD;;

Congrats to them! ;D

Well, wish me luck, guys, see you tomorrow!

And here’s some extra encouragement for myself, Kei-chan!


He must of had fun on that bike ride~

You wanna know the reason why I can’t ride a bike? I never got out of the training wheels! My balance sucked as a child! xDDD;;

Catch ya laters~~~~


Okay, so I went shopping yesterday with my mom and I found this super-cute headband with a big black bow on it so I just had to buy it and I did!

Here’s what it looks like:


Super-cute desho?

I can’t wait to start wearing it!

It’s gonna give me “ribbon power”!!

Speaking of that, when I wear this, I feel like Tsuji-chan!! :D

Tsuji-chan, I’m always energized by your ribbon power!

Please give me some of your ribbon power, too! :3

Next topic.

It’s New Year’s Eve!

Well, another year has come and gone and we shall enter 2010 in a few hours!

So exciting!! v(^o^)v

Because it’s the end of the year, hear are my personal highlights of this year:

– Becoming a Johnny’s Entertainment fan

– Falling in love with Koyama Keiichiro

– Watching over 30 J-Dramas

– Reviving as a fanfictionist

– Meeting Kago Ai

– Getting my braces off

– Email-exchanging with my awesome penpal Tomomi

– Earning straight A’s for the first marking period as a sophmore

– Singing range changed drastically

– Singing in front of some school students during the Diversity Day festival

– Release of NEWS’s “Koi no ABO” on MY birthday

And…I think of more but I can’t. xDDD;;

Now time for my resolutions:

– Become a bit more adult-like

– Exemption from any finals besides Japanese

– Pass driver’s exam (safely) for learner’s permit

– Keep smiling happily everyday

And…that’s it!

Now to finish it off with the last Kei-chan Picture of the Day for 2009:


Kei-chan is definitely the most kindest member out of NEWS, no wonder why I fell in love with him. <333

The color yellow always gives me a gentle and kind feeling so the yellow roses suit Kei-chan nicely! :3

See you in 2010!!

Merry Christmas!! :D

Or should I say, “mEri christMassu”!!

Just take the “Eri” from Kamei Eri and “Massu” from Masuda Takahisa, and that’s what you get~ *shot*

So, the day we’ve all been waiting for is here! Christmas Day!! :D

Today my mom’s relatives are coming like every year. But it’s very small. Her two older sisters, brother-in-law, and nephew, that’s it. :3

I got a lot of good presents this year!!

Here’s a list of what I got:

– Save Me! Lollipop DVD Box Set

– Kamichama Karin Vol. 6

– Hello Kitty 2010 calendar

– WiiSports Resort

– Breaking Dawn

– Harajuku Lovers Perfume: Love

– New Moon Movie Soundtrack

And…I think that’s so far~~

Also, here’s a list of some good J-Christmas songs!!

White choco (LOVE)

Shiroi TOKYO (ZYX)

Wa~ MERRY PIN X’mas! (Shige-pink & Koha-pink)

Pittari Shitai X’mas! (Petitmoni)

ding-dong (TOKIO)

White X’mas (KAT-TUN)


Mafuyu no Nagareboshi (NEWS)

That should do!

Was everyone good to Santa this year? I hope so!

Here’s the Kei-chan Picture of the Day. Since today’s Christmas, I’ll throw in a little extra~ ;D

Koyama Keiichiro.


Kato Shigeaki.


The perfect Christmas present…Koyashige!! <333

I wonder how they celebrate Christmas? Together? Or with their own families?

Who knows~

Mystery leads to mystery~ x3

I would DEFINITELY love if these cute dorks showed up at my house for Christmas! That would surely be a Happy Holiday! v(^o^)v

Merry Christmas, everyone!! <333