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Have I the right to fangirl once more? :D

Yes, I think I do. >:3

So, my mom’s 50th birthday was a month ago and one of her presents was mezzanine tickets to see American Idiot on January 8th (last night). Now you might be thinking, “Wait, you’re for a third time? I thought you were done after seeing Billie back in October…”


He’s BACK!! Yes! Billie Joe Armstrong is back on Broadway for 50 performances from January 1-9, January 18-30, and February 10-27! Fans who are still trying to purchase tickets, I think you still have time to get decent tickets for a February show~ ;D

So, the difference between the balcony and the mezzanine, the mezzanine was a PERFECT view! Yeah, I bet orchestra is even awesomer but the mezzanine is just PERFECT!!

Pretty much all the same things happened  but at a better view. I laughed, squealed, cheered, and cried. Billie is just the best punk rocker EVER! Oh, and the funniest part, when the number “St. Jimmy” ended, Billie jumped into the audience and stole someone’s booze, lol!! xDDD

The full cast during “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”. Yeah, I know the picture is sort of shoddy but it gets better~ ;D

Billie in all of his glory. Oh, and guess what? He mentioned we were at the 300th show!! :DDDDDDDDDDD

Evil Billie. Muahahahahahahaha. >:3

My mom praised me for getting this shot at a perfect timing so I feel very proud of myself. xDDD

And that was it.

We didn’t want to get autographs for various reasons. One, it’s Saturday so more fans around my age would of been there. Two, it was too crowded near the barricades. Three, it was nighttime and it was freakishly cold.

But my mom and I waited on the other side of the street with some other fans just to look from afar. I only got to see a glimpse of his hair but, ah well. I still had much more fun when I saw him on stage. :3


And that’s how I spent one of the most best nights of my life. <3

Someday, I wanna be a punk rocker just like Billie…


2011!! ☆



I have great hopes this year for 2011! Although I’m gonna be REALLY busy for the first few months (exams, college visits, etc…) I hope to live through everyday with my usual positivity! :3

My New Year’s resolution is to exercise more, learn how to play guitar, keep up my good grades for the rest of the school year without without stress meltdowns, and to live throughout the year with good health and happiness!

Let’s make it through the year with 100% energy!! :D

(By the way, that’s my new lolita dress. I got in the mail yesterday and I loooooooove it!! x3)

*flails* Plus it’s my 2-year mark of being a NEWS fan!! <3

Best regards for 2011!! ;D



How was everyone’s Christmas? Mine was AWESOME!!


The ones on the far right are mine~ ;D

Here’s what I got:

– Green Day Rock Band

– Green Day t-shirt

– Green Day poster

– Vampire Weekend poster

– Necklace by Betsey Johnson

– Necklace by KT Collection

– Wallet

– Bracelet by Fossil

– Hello Kitty 2011 Calendar

– Money

– Snoopy pajamas

Aaaaand…that’s it. This was one awesomesauce Christmas. >:3

Well, that’s all I gotta say. Hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday!! ;D <3

Wish Kei-chan was one of my presents!! Ah well~ x3




I’m soooooo glad break started!

No more early wake ups for a least a week! Whoo!!

All students deserve long rests once in a while. I mean, we work our butts off at school for five days a week, no? :3


And if your wondering about why I’m a Santa hat early, our school let’s us wear “holiday accessories” the day before winter break so I decided to be festive also! :D

I can’t wait for Christmas! Only 2 more days left!! x3

Soooooooo wish I was Tego at that moment!! x3

I really hope a subbing community does the LIVE!x3 DVD soon! I wanna watch it!! :DDDDDD

I think I’ll post about my Christmas this year too so, see you Saturday!! ;D


Lots of stuff happened recently, but I’d like to dedicate the first half of this entry to a lovable trio who created a milestone today.

Morning Musume’s Junjun, Linlin, and Kamei Eri…today was their graduation concert. *sigh*

I’m so upset these three are leaving. I love the pandas and Eri is my favorite 6th Gen. member! I understand why Eri has to leave but I think Tsunku made a terrible mistake on graduating the pandas also. JunLin got such a small spotlight in MoMusu and they’ve definitely caught the hearts of many fans in just 3 short years! I’ve known about MoMusu since JunLin’s debut so the two of them are very special members to me. And Eri…oh Eri, I love her so. She’s bright, pretty, dorky, has a beautiful voice, and not to mention great dancing skills! It’s gonna take a while for me to adjust without out them.

Farewell, Junjun, Linlin, and Kamei Eri. You will all be truly missed… <3

The 9th Gen. better be good because I’m kind of losing my faith in MoMusu these days. Tsunku, you better give me good fresh meat or else you’ll have angry fans…you stupid shithead. ):<

Anyway, before I get more upset/pissed, topic change! It’s SOOOOO cold these days!! I went out for gym today and when it ended I couldn’t feel my face or my fingers! Stupid cold weather… >_<;;

Alas, I warmed my heart with singing…

When in doubt, just cheer up with music, ne? :3

Only 10 more days ’till Christmas! Whoo!! :DDDDDDDDD

All I want for Christmas is Kei-chan~ ♥

Let’s keep counting those days ’till the holiday season comes!! ♪